Saturday, 21 November 2009

Bajaj Center website

I have almost finished the website I have been creating for the new department of NARI. The words are not mine, although I initially wrote some of the content as a template. The layout, sketch and banner is my work, although they have gone through a number of changes based on feedback from the director and family. Now the website is online, any more feed back before it is advertised would be greatly appreciated.

I am mainly interested in design comments but I am sure the director would appreciate feedback about the content.

I feel the sketch could look more professional so let me know if you think I should give it another go. The director wanted me to place the sketch somewhere on every page. I am not sure if I have found the best place yet. I couldn't get it to fit anywhere else.

The banner I think could also be improved but I feel I have run out of creative energy with it now. The director ideally wanted something more simple, but I have not been able to come up with anything better yet.

I have also not tested it properly on Internet Explorer, so please let me know if you think something does not display the way it probably should. Unfortunately every computer shows web pages slightly differently. If you could send me any screen shots of anything strange that you see that would be most helpful. To do this on Windows, press the Print Screen button on the top right of your keyboard, open Paint and past the contents in. Then save and attach to an email.

The site address is

I have a day off tomorrow and shall go for long bike ride. Perhaps I'll have more news then. Actually, I went to see a sugar, ethanol and drinks factory today which was interesting. They are ancient facilities that look like they are about to to burst at the seams. I might post a few photos later if they are presentable.

PS. You may missed the update to my previous post. I am now famous in Phaltan having made it in the local paper. Now when I cycle about people call out my name and at the nearest opportunity tell me that they saw me in the paper. :)

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