Friday, 1 January 2010

Me and my new mobile home!

Hi, sorry for the long blog silence. I shall soon start writing again when I have written my report for NARI. In fact I may post some or all of my report on my blog. But I can't help just sharing this news, even if I don't have anything creative to say.

I finally have a Yamaha Crux! It is such a pretty bike and a lot of fun to ride. Its not very powerful - just 100cc, but my bag is light and it takes me up all the hills no problem. I have yet to find out how efficient it is, but it is supposed to do about 70 kmpl. I am currently staying here in Mudud, which is a tourist town full of Indian tourists, but not a single westener it seems. I think they are all in Goa.

Happy Blue Moon New Year!

I'm heading back to Phaltan tomorrow via a mountain pass.


  1. congratulations - she's very pretty! but where are your arnie shades?

    take care on those roads :)x

  2. My arnie shades are only useful to me without the helmet. Maybe I should not have bought them so I am not tempted to ride without the helmet. :) It is only necessay to keep the wind out of my eyes. The helmet has a rim that keeps the sun out of my eyes. The visor already has a small chip right in front of my eye that irritates me. Perhaps I'll remove the visor and use my shades instead... :)