Tuesday, 17 November 2009

After the storm

Last night I was rudely awakened by claps of thunder and I could hear the rain falling in torrents. In the morning it was still raining so I put on shorts and a semi waterproof jacket and hoped that I could get in to work without getting my laptop too wet. However, when I left the house it suddenly stopped raining. Instead, when I was almost at NARI's I realised my real challenge: passing a flooded section of road. The fields were completely flooded and looked more like lakes and where draining at the lowest point of the road. Had made a pathetic attempt at crossing but decided not to take up the challenge with my netbook on my back. After waiting with a crowed of people on one side of the road for 20 minutes eventually a tractor passed and I was able to hitch a ride with my cycle. So, I have arrived at NARI. and of course few other people are here because they couldn't take their motorbikes and cars on the tractor trailer. My only problem now is that I just discovered that I have forgotten my charger at home!

Update 18 Nov 2009
My tractor ride even made it in the local paper!


  1. Apparently they had had over 100 mm of rain over night which is more than they have over the same period in more than 12 years. Hence the excitement of the people where yelling out in joy when they had passed the flooded road. I had assumed that it was a common occurrence:)

  2. Actually it was the most rain this area has had since records began - 25 years ago. Normally they don't have rain in November here and the late monsoon is thought to be due to climate change.

  3. keys, wallet, phone, charger! :)x

  4. Thanks KAILY! Unfortunately I don't have a big third pocket for my charger that I can slap.